Warner/Chapell Music Sign Strummer Catalogue

On the eve of the release of a ground-breaking new album, Warner Chappell Music Group has signed the music catalogue of punk rock legend, Joe Strummer.  Concluded with Strummer’s widow, Lucinda Tait, the deal sees Warner/Chappell pick up the administration of Strummer’s solo work, extending from Strummer’s first revolutionary works with The 101ers to his last works with The Mescaleros.


Ignition Records will release the ground-breaking new double album Joe Strummer 001 on 28th September.  The album features newly discovered material from Strummer’s early career, tracks from his solo albums, and recordings with The 101ers and The Mescaleros, in a variety of previously unreleased recordings.  Of particular additional interest are out-takes from “Love Kills”, featured in the 1986 film "Sid and Nancy".  Brought to life under Tait’s committed supervision, the album has been produced by Robert Gordon McHarg III, with tracks restored and mastered by Grammy Award winner Peter J Moore.


Joe Strummer began his musical career in the 1970’s, transitioning from The Vultures to form his own band The 101ers.  Strummer was a key founding member of The Clash in 1976.  Signed to CBS Records the following year the band went on to become perhaps the biggest and most iconic band of the punk revolution, with five studio albums including multi-platinum “Give Em Enough Rope” and “Combat Rock”.  Singles included “I Fought the Law”, “London Calling”, “Rock the Casbah” and “Should I Stay or Should I Go”.


In 1986 the band separated and Strummer began a new solo career, working and performing with bands such as The Pogues, the Black Grapes and The Levellers, intermingled with the writing of new songs and soundtracks, for the movies “Sid and Nancy”, “Walker” and “Straight to Hell”.  


In the late 1990’s Strummer formed The Mescaleros.  The band’s first album "Rock Art and the X-ray style" was released on Mercury in 1999, followed by "Global A Go-Go" released on Helical Records in 2001.


At the time of his untimely death in 2002, Strummer was working on the third Mescaleros album, "Streetcore", posthumously released in 2003. 


Before he died, Strummer had already put together an archive of his own work (discovered in his garden) containing more than 20,000 items, including writings and a large number of recordings. These have provided the core of Joe Strummer 001.  Meanwhile the work of sifting through and archiving the entire collection continues.   There will be more to look forward to.


Lucinda Tait says: “It’s really great to know that Joe’s music is being given a new lease of life.  I am completely thrilled with the new album; and very happy that Mike Smith and his team at Warner/Chappell will be there, with their expertise, to ensure that Joe’s songs are given the attention that they demand and will live on.”


Mike Smith, Managing Director, Warner/Chappell Music UK comments: “Joe Strummer is a personal hero of mine. His songwriting with The Clash defined a generation. The musical landscape has never been the same. Joe continuously reinvented himself throughout his career, His songwriting during his solo years and with The Mescaleros was constantly pushing boundaries and raising the bar. I am excited to know that we will be representing Joe’s incredible music at Warner/Chappell.  It’s an honour to be entrusted with his legacy.”